April 2018 Graduation Deadlines

April 2018   Graduation Deadlines for Humanities Graduate Students

This is a summary of ADV Form 8 with College-level deadlines added. See the original form for additional details.

What you must do: When it must be done:
Graduate Studies Deadline College of Humanities Deadline  

Each step must be completed before its associated deadline!

1. Apply for graduation. 26-Jan-18 This is the last day for graduate students to apply for graduation online in AIM. Go to byu.edu → myBYU → School → Apply for Graduation.
2. Confirm approval. 9-Feb-18 This is the last day for departments to accept a student’s graduation application in AIM (GRADQ and ADV01).

3. Schedule your thesis defense.


Ask your department

Use the Department Scheduling of Final Oral Examination form (ADV Form 8c) and schedule the defense of thesis as early as possible, so you will have time after the defense to make corrections and still meet thesis submission deadlines. Note: These oral exams must be scheduled at least two weeks before the exam is to take place.
4.a. Pass your oral defense.

4. b. Get signatures.


Ask your department

If you pass your final oral examination, take advantage of the fact that your committee members are present to get their signatures on ADV Form 8d. (One or more committee members may be traveling or otherwise not available later in the semester.)
5.a.  Revise your thesis.

5.b.  Read, understand, and follow instructions.



Ask your department

a. Revise your thesis according to the feedback received at your thesis


b. Convert your thesis to a “pdf” file that meets all of Graduate Studies’ requirements. (See ADV Forms 11, 11a, and 11b.)
c. Give the thesis in pdf format and the signed ADV Form 8d to your Department for review and approval.
6. Get approval to submit ETD. Ask your department The department reviews the pdf version of your thesis, and approves it for submission as an ETD.
7. Submit your ETD. Ask your department After triple checking that your ETD meets all of the Graduate Studies requirements located at etd.byu.edu, submit your ETD.
8. a. Make corrections.

b.  Resubmit.

c.  Repeat?




Prior to this date, make requested corrections and resubmit your ETD. This is the last day for the Department to approve your ETD.

This is the last day for you to get faculty signitures on your ADV Form 8d and give it to your department.

9. College receives ETD & ADV Form 8d.  


This is the last day for the department to send your ADV Form 8d to the College.

(Your ETD moves automatically to the College review queue as soon as it is approved by the department.)

10. a. Make corrections.

b.  Resubmit.

c.  Repeat?




Prior to this date, make corrections requested by the College and resubmit your ETD. Resubmitted ETDs go into the Department queue, so this is also the last day for 1.) the Department to approve resubmissions, 2.) for the College to approve your ETD, sign your ADV Form 8d, and return your ADV Form 8d to your department.
11. Take ADV Form 8d to FPH. 13-Apr-18 This is the last day for you to get the completed ADV Form 8d from the Department and take it to Graduate Studies (105 FPH).
12. Attend Graduation. 26-Apr-17 Graduation: University Commencement
27-Apr-17 Graduation: College Convocations