Undergraduate Minor in TESOL

BYU’s Department of Linguistics offers a minor and a certificate in teaching English to speakers of other languages (TESOL). Students may earn a minor or a minor plus certificate.
Note: For education majors, the TESOL K-12 minor is available to those earning a teaching major and leads to an ESL Endorsement. It is offered through the School of Education. Contact the David O. McKay School of Education Advisement Center for the Teaching English Language Learners (TELL) program.

Career Opportunities

TESOL minor students are qualified for many overseas positions teaching English as a foreign language. They may also work in various ESL programs in the United States and other English-speaking countries. Possible teaching settings include adult education classes, intensive English programs, and English language learning programs around the world. Students in any major may apply for the TESOL minor.

Program Learning Outcomes

English Language Fundamentals: Demonstrate a foundational knowledge of the English language systems of phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, and pragmatics and how these systems relate to the language competencies of listening, speaking, reading, writing, vocabulary, pronunciation, and grammar.

Instructional Competence: Given the foundational knowledge of the English language systems and competencies, demonstrate fundamental competence in instructional methods and strategies when teaching English as a second or foreign language.


Hours18 Credit Hours
MAPMajor Academic Plan

Program Requirements

requirement 1 Complete 1 course
Complete the prerequisite course:
requirement 3 Complete 2 courses
Complete the following courses:


*Ling 201 fulfills this requirement for Linguistics Majors

Undergraduate TESOL Certificate Requirements

Certificate Requirements

Complete a TESOL minor (18 hours).

  1. Contact Dr. Grant Eckstein (grant_eckstein@gmail.com) if you plan on completing the certificate in addition to the minor.
  2.  Complete Elang 496R – TESOL Internship (3 cr.)
  3.  Provide evidence of the following:
  • Evidence of a second language learning experience equivalent to 4 semesters of a second language (through classes or challenge exams).
  • For students whose first language is not English, evidence of English language proficiency (at least an Advanced-low on the ACTFL OPI).
  • Please stop in to the Linguistics department for more information to set up your OPI appointment (4064 JFSB).


ELang 223 Introduction to the English Language (3 cr.) Overview of English from linguistic point of view, emphasizing structure of English and social, biological, and psychological aspects of language.  This course is offered fall, winter, spring and summer.
ELang 325 The Grammar of English (3 cr.) (prereq: ELang 223) Study of grammar in various applications.  This course is offered fall, winter, spring and summer.
ELang 375 TESOL Listening, Speaking, and Pronunciation (3 cr.) (prereq: ELang 223) Understand basic English as a second or foreign language theories and practices for teaching and assessing listening, speaking, and pronunciation.  This course is offered fall and winter.
ELang 376 TESOL Reading, Writing, and Vocabulary (3 cr.) (prereq: Elang 223) Understand basic processes of literacy development in English as a second or foreign language.  How knowledge of these processes informs classroom literacy instruction and practices.  This course is offered fall and winter.
ELang 477 TESOL Course and Lesson Planning (3 cr.) (prereq: Elang 223, 325, 376, and 376) Design English as a second or foreign language course and plan lessons based on principles and knowledge of learning outcomes, assessment plans, methods, materials, classroom management, and learning activities; access and use professional resources.  This course is offered fall, winter, and spring.
ELang 478 TESOL Practicum (3 cr.) (prereq: Elang 223, 325, 376, 376, and 477 or concurrent enrollment) Synthesize and apply the foundational knowledge of the English language systems and competencies in teaching English as a second or foreign language. This course is offered fall and winter.
ELang 496R TESOL Internship (3 cr.) (prereq: all other required courses in the minor) Individualized work or volunteer experience in a domestic or international setting. All internships require prior departmental approval.  Please contact Dr. Nancy Turley to get the internship approved.  One credit hour of ELang 496R is equivalent to 42 actual teaching or preparation hours, and 3 academic credits of interning are required to receive the TESOL Certificate.  This course is offered fall, winter, spring, and summer.



Courses required for the TESOL minor are designed to be taken in the following sequence:

ELang 223 —> ELang 325, 375, 376 —> ELang 477 and 478 ELang 496R (for certificate only)

Notes: It’s best to begin ELang 496R at least one semester before graduation

It is recommended that students pursuing the TESOL minor start with ELang 223 in spring or summer.

The following Linguistics faculty members serve as academic advisors for TESOL minor students.  Consult the chart below to determine which faculty member is your advisor.

Advisors for TESOL Undergraduate Minors:


First Letter of Student’s Last Name Advisor’s Name Office Number Phone Number E-Mail Address
A-G Grant Eckstein 4071 JFSB 422-5946 grant_eckstein@byu.edu
H-N Norm Evans 4059 JFSB 422-2208 norm_evans@byu.edu
O-T Lynn Henrichsen 4040 JFSB 422-2938 lynn_henrichsen@byu.edu
U-Z Mark Tanner 4063 JFSB 422-8154 mark_tanner@byu.edu

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