Class Descriptions

Ling 110: Introduction to Human Language

This course introduces students to the most basic principles of language. We consider language as part of our human, biological heritage, as well as critical for our social and intellectual development. The only prerequisite for this course is your willingness to be curious about things you have always taken for granted.

Fulfills the Social Science GE requirement.

Ling 198: Academic & Career Preparation

Students will receive instruction and real-life insight into:

  • job opportunities after graduation in the Linguistics, English Language, and Editing fields
  • job searches and career fairs
  • Humanities Plus experiences
  • relevant minors
  • graduate school areas of study
  • networking skills
  • telling their story to future employers

Professionals in each of these areas will come to the classroom and give advice and information that can help our students make choices in their academic course work that will result in successful career paths.

Ling 201