Burn-Out Recipe

Ling. 577 Syllabus Ling. 572 Syllabus


One person with most (or all) of the following qualities:

An Exercise in Self-Evaluation

Answer "yes" or "no" to each item below

1. Do you tire easily?

2. Has anyone mentioned you don't look well?

3. Do you feel you must work harder to achieve the same results as other people?

4. Have you become cynical, disillusioned, or detached?

5. Do you often have an inexplicable feeling of melancholy?

6. Do you sometimes forget appointments, miss deadlines, or lose personal belongings?

7. Are you impatient, hostile, or frustrated with your colleagues?

8. Do you see close friends and/or family less often than you would like to?

9. Do you find that you are too busy to attend to regular tasks, like making phone calls, reading reports, or sending greeting cards?

10. Do you suffer from minor physical ailments like aches and pains, headaches, and/or persistent colds?

11. Do you have a sense of emptiness when the work day is over?

12. Are you losing your ability to feel pleasure or delight?

13. Have you become incapable of taking a joke or teasing?

14. Has sexual activity become more a source of annoyance than pleasure?

15. Do you find you have nothing to say to others?

Scoring for Self-Evaluation

Count the number of times you said "yes." Each time counts as one point. If your score is: