Ling. 577 Syllabus Ling. 572 Syllabus

In-Class Teaching Demonstration
Final Examination


For the teaching portion of your final examination, you will give an individual micro-teaching demonstration during the final week of the course.

The basic criteria for this lesson/examination are as follows:

1. The maximum teaching time allowed for each lesson/examination will be ten minutes. (You will lose one grade point for every additional minute or portion thereof.) The teacher will give a "One minute" warning, but will not interrupt or stop you if you go over time. (The minimum time will be about seven minutes.)

2. No re-dos or make-ups will be allowed. You have one and only one opportunity to shine.

3. The target language must not be English, but some other language which most of the class members do not know. (Or you may use a non-English language that most of class members do know and teach a more advanced level lesson.)

4. You have complete freedom in choosing the method and and lesson content (but, of course, you are responsible for your choices). You will be evaluated in many areas: design, materials, teaching/learning theory, creativity, appropriateness, tempo, balance, preparation, enthusiasm, neatness, etc., etc., etc.

5. The lesson will probably be at the beginner or intermediate level, depending on the students in the class. (See parenthetical note to item three above.)

6. All students are expected to participate in every lesson as teacher, students, or "peanut gallery." Good participation and cooperation when others are teaching will help your grade.

7. A written report, including your lesson plan and rationale, must be submitted at least one day (24 hours) before the demonstration lesson.

8. There will be a brief (three- minute) in-class, post-demonstration discussion of the good points of your lesson. (You will be responsible for noting any problems with your lesson, and they should be mentioned in your self-evaluation.)

9. By 5:00 p.m. of the day following your lesson, you will be expected to submit a written response/evaluation of your lesson (both good points and bad). Part of the test is to be able to recognize any problems in your lesson. Teaching "mistakes" that you notice and propose a good correction for can actually help you in this response/evaluation.

Evaluation Form for In-Class Teaching Demonstration Final Examination

(Also found on page x of your paper packet. Subject to revision and amplification as needed.)

To be submitted along with your lesson plan before you teach