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ARAL provides survey overview of various areas of applied linguistics written by experts. Articles are published within 5 months after submission. Emphasis is placed on bibliographic references appearing in last 2 years. Other features beyond articles and reviews: Reference citation index of previous 5 years. Subject matter of previous 10 years.

Editor: William Grabe, English Department, Box 6032, Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, AZ 86011.

Applied Linguistics

Applied Linguistics promotes a principles approach to language education and other language-related concerns by encouraging inquiry into the relationship between theoretical and practical studies. The journal is mainly interested in the handling of problems in a principled way by reference to theoretical studies. Other features beyond articles and review: Occasional guest topical issues, exchanges between authors and critics.

Editors: James P. Lantold, Dept. of Modern Lang. & Linguistics, Cornell University, 314 Morrill Hall, Ithaca, NY 14853, and Rosamond Mitchell, Centre for Language in Education, University of Southampton, Southampton S09 5NH, UK.

Applied Psycholinguistics

Applied Psycholinguistics is an international journal which publishes articles on the psychological processes involved in language. Articles address the nature, acquisition, and impairments of language expression and comprehension, including writing and reading. Other features beyond articles and reviews: Problem oriented reviews. Notes: reactions to previous articles or methodological notes. Occasional topic focused issues.

Editor: Catherine Snow, John Locke, Harvard Graduate School of Education, Larsen 3, Cambridge, MA 02138.

The Canadian Modern Language Review

The Canadian Modern Language Review publishes items of interest to teachers and researchers of French as a second language, English as a second language, and other foreign languages at all levels of instruction. Other features beyond articles and reviews: practical tips for the classroom, readers' opinions and reactions, calendar of forthcoming events, annual list of recently published Canadian materials.

Editor: Vivian Edwards, Sally Rehorick, French Second Language Teacher Education Center, University of New Brunswick, Fredericton, N.B., Canada E3B 1K1.

College ESL

College ESL explores questions and concerns regarding the education of ESL students, specifically urban immigrants and refugee adults in post-secondary settings. the journal welcomes articles and essays supported by research studies, teacher education, cultures of ESL populations, and ethical or political issues. Other features beyond articles and reviews: Recommended readings.

Editor: Gay Brookes, Instructional Resource Center, the City University of New York, 535 East 80th Street, New York, NY 10021.

ELT Journal

ELT Journal is published for all those who are professionally involved in the field of teaching English as a second or foreign language internationally. It is concerned with the fundamental practice factors that influence the evaluation of the profession as well as with the theoretical issues that are between the everyday concerns of teachers in their classrooms and the disciplines such as psychology, sociology and applied linguistics that may offer insights. The journal publishes articles, interview, features with a language focus, language conundrums, a glossary of key concepts in ELT, book reviews and survey reviews of specialist areas of ELT. Other features beyond articles and reviews: Occasionally: survey reviews of specialist literature e.g. on research, business English, learner training in textbooks etc. Taling Shop (interview with applied linguists, authors, researchers, teachers on topics of interest.) Language Conundrums (comments, reports and insights from readers in response to language problems etc.) Correspondence, announcements, periodicals received etc.

Editor: Tricia Hedge, 16 Half Acre Road, Hanwell, London W7 3JJ, U.K. England and Keith Morrow (Review Editor), The Old School, Norwich Road, Reepham, Norwich NR10 4AH.

English Teaching Forum

English Teaching Forum is a practical journal of ESL/EFL teachers outside of the U.S. Primarily articles by secondary teachers, teacher trainers, and university professors. Other features beyond articles and review: Q/A on grammar and usage, English idioms, annual 4-skills package containing audio recording, script of audio material, background material on subject, posters, glossaries, teaching tips.

Editor: Thomas J. Kral, 301 4th street, S.W., Room 312, Washington, DC 20547.

English Teachers' Journal

Meant for teachers of English in primary and secondary schools, teacher college and universities. Other features beyond articles and reviews: Reprinted examinations; policy statements. Articles on methodology, psycholinguistics, translation, applied linguistics, contrastive analysis (English/Hebrew/Arabic).

Editor: Judy Steiner, Raphael Gefen, Ministry of Education, Jerusalem, 91911, Israel.

English Today

English Today publishes a wide variety of commentary on the English language and related topics by academics and non academics.

Editor: Tom McArthur, 22-23 Ventress Farm Court, Cherry Hinton Road, Cambridge CB1 4HD, England.

English for Specific Purposes (ESP Journal)

English for Specific Purposes publishes articles, research notes, and book reviews on specialized varieties of English and ESP methodology. Topics of articles include: discourse analysis, second language acquisition in ESP contexts, needs assessment, curriculum development and evaluation, materials preparation, teaching and testing techniques, and the effectiveness of various research and pedagogical approaches in ESP contexts. Other features beyond articles and reviews: Research notes.

Editor: Tony Dudley-Evans, English for Overseas Students Unit, The University of Birmingham, Edgbaston, Birmingham B16 OSH, U.K. and Liz Hamp-Lyons, English Department, Campus Box 175, University of Colorado, Denver, CO 80217-3364 and John Swales, English Language Institute, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI 48109.

Issues and Developments in English and Applied Linguistics

IDEAL is a forum for research into the acquisition and teaching of ESL. the following areas are particularly appropriate: TESOL, second language acquisition, varieties of English, neurolinguistics, sociolinguistics, psycholinguists, pragmatics, discourse analysis, applications of computer technology to second language teaching and research. Other features beyond articles and reviews: Issues alternate between general-topic and specific-topic content.

Editor: Wayne B. Dickerson (chair), Yamuna Kachru, Division of English as an International Language, University of Illinois, 707 South Mathew Ave., Urbana, IL 61801.

Indian Journal of Applied Linguistics

Publish theoretical and methodological ideas and research in Applied Linguistics - sociolinguistics, firs-second language learning, anthropological linguistics, psycholinguistics, acquisition, billingualism, language standardization and language pedagogy. Articles are submitted from all of the world and goes almost to every country where applied linguistics is taught or practiced. Other features beyond articles and reviews: 1) Notes; Selected Bibliography on a special subject. 2) connected with any aspect of applied linguistics. 3) advertisements from academic bodies and publishers only.4) No commercial advertisements other than publishing world. 5) Responses letters if received. 6) Books and journals received. 7) Major events, projections. 8) Selected contents of those journals which are reviewed by us (on selective basis only).

Editor: Ujjal Singh Bahri, 997A/9 Gobindpuri, PO Box 4453, Kalkaji, New Delhi 110019, India.

International Journal of American Linguistics

Content limited to linguistic studies of Native American (North and South) languages. Language data, carefully presented and organized is preferred over purely theoretical papers, though making a point about a language or a theory is encouraged. Most papers are technical linguistics. A good analysis with new data will often be accepted even if the writing is mediocre; editors help with re-writing.

Editor: David S. Rood, Linguistics - Box 295, University of Colorado, Boulder, CO 80309.

Issues in Applied Linguistics (IAL)

IAL is a refereed journal published by the graduate students of the UCLA Department of TESL and Applied Linguistics. We encourage submissions of previously unpublished manuscripts in the broad areas of language acquisition, language analysis, language education, language testing, language use, and language methodology. Other features beyond articles and reviews: Editorials, replies to (or comments on) previously-published articles, announcements.

Editor: Joseph Plummer, Scarlet Robbins, Cynthia Walker, Dept. of TESL and Applied Linguistics, UCLA, 3300 Rolfe Hall, 405 Hilgard Ave, Los Angeles, CA.

I.T.L. Review of Applied Linguistics

Publications are accepted in the field of applied linguistics in the broad sense. Languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Dutch. Audience: Linguists and language teachers.

Editor: Nicole Delbecque, Fakulteit Letteren En Wysbeseerte, K.U. Leuven, Blyde-Inkomststraat 21, 3000 Leuven, Belgium.

JALT Journal

The JALT Journal publishes practical and theoretical articles concerned with foreign language teaching and learning in Japanese, Asian, and international contexts. We welcome articles in specific areas such as the teaching of pronunciation, writing, vocabulary, etc., as well as in more general areas such as billingualism, SLA, testing, classroom-based research, cross-cultural research, and sociolinguistics. Other features, beyond featured articles and reviews: Research Reports:: short reports (c. 1500 words) of interesting but perhaps not major research. Point to Point: Readers' responses to articles.

Editor: Malcolm J. Benson, Hiroshima Shudo University, Faculty of the Humanities and Sciences, 1717 Ohtsuka, Numata-cho, Asaminami-ku, Hirshima, Japan 731-31.

Journal of Intensive English Studies

The Journal of Intensive English Studies is devoted to original studies of interest to faculty and administrations of intensive programs for the study of English as a Second or Foreign Language. Its aim is to improve theory and practice in intensive English programs. Other features beyond articles and reviews: Squibs and Comment section.

Editor: Frank Pialorsi, Jonathan Seely, CESL 100 - Bldg #24, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ 85721.

Journal of Language for International Business

The Journal of Language for International Business (JOLIB) addresses practical and theoretical topics in the areas of international business communication, cross-cultural communication, foreign language pedagogy and technology, as well as related linguistic themes.

Editor: Robert M. Ramsey, JOLIB, Dept. Of Modern Languages, American Graduate School of International Business, Thunderbird Campus, Glendale, AZ 85306.

Journal of Multilingual and Multicultural Development

JMMD is interested in theory, research and practice on aspects of multilingualism and multiculturalism. This includes contributions dealing with language teaching/learning, bilingual education, minority-group issues, etc. Other features, beyond featured articles and reviews: Notes of course, conferences, etc. Work-in-progress contributions. Readers' response section.

Editor: John Edwards, Multilingual Matters LTD, Frankfort Lodge, Cleveland Hall, Victoria Rd., Cleveland, Avon, England BS21 7SJ.

Journal of Second Language Writing

The Journal of Second Language Writing is devoted to publishing theoretically grounded reports of research and discussions of central issues in second and foreign language writing instruction.

Editor: Ilona Leki, Dept. Of English, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN 37996-0430 and Tony Silva, Dept. Of English, Heavilon Hall, Purdue University, West Lafayentte, IN 47901-1356.


Language publishes original research results in linguistics. Any subfield is appropriate for the journal but accepted articles must be of potential interest to all linguists, not just specialists in a single subfield. Other features beyond articles and reviews: Discussion notes.

Editor: Sarah Thomason, Department of Linguistics, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA 15260.

Language Learning

The journal defines research in language studies as (1) the application of methods and theories from linguistics, psycholinguistics, cognitive science, ethnography, ethnomethodology, sociolinguistics, sociology, semiotics, educational inquiry, and cultural or historical studies to address (2) fundamental issues in language learning, such as bilingualism, language acquisition, second or foreign language education, literacy, culture, cognition, pragmatics, and intergroup relations.

Editor: Alister Cumming, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, Modern Language Center, Room 10-273, 252 Bloor Street West, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5S 1V6 and Alexander Z. Guiora, Department of Psychology, University of Haifa, 31905 Haifa, Israel.

The Language Teacher

The Language Teacher is the monthly publication of the Japan Association of Language Teachers, a non-profit organization of concerned language teachers interested in promoting more affective language teaching and learning. Articles focus on practical, classroom-oriented foreign language teaching, learning, and research, with emphasis on Japan-related issues. Other features, beyond featured articles and reviews: JALT news; chapter meeting announcements; reports on chapter presentations: My Share (practical teaching ideas); N-SIG column; bulletin board; upcoming conferences column: opinions (1200 word max); readers' views; JALT conference related articles; job information.

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