Ling. 577 Syllabus Ling. 572 Syllabus


Teacher: _________________________________________

Date of Presentation: _______________________________

Class: ___________________ Location: __________________________

Proficiency Level: ____________________ Age Level: _____________

Linguistic/Ethnic Composition of Class: _______________________________

Estimated Time of Lesson: ____________

Teaching Point/Objectives: (What students will be able to do at the end of the lesson)

Materials Needed:


Learning/Teaching Activities: (Presentation, Practice, Application, etc. List steps and time here and on back. Attach an extra page if necessary)

Contingency Plan:

Evaluation of Learning:


Self-Evaluation: (Note strengths and weaknesses. Use back of page if necessary)

Ling. 577 Syllabus Ling. 572 Syllabus

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