Teaching Log Evaluation

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  Rating system key:
Excellent = excellent, unusually good (3 pts.)
Good = good, acceptable, average work (2 pts.)
Deficient = deficient, unsatisfactory, lacking (1 pt.)
Not included = not included in log, not done (0 pts.)
    Notes on Class Observation
  • Clear, detailed description of activities observed
  • Perceptive comments
  • Thoughtful analysis of activities observed (rationale, strengths, weaknesses, etc.)
  • Evidence that observations were a good learning activity
Additional Comments:

    Lesson Plans (and materials)
  • All important elements in place and functioning properly
  • Objectives are clear, focused, and student-oriented
  • Interesting, effective language-learning activities used
  • Interesting, effective supporting materials used
  • Progression and transition from one stage to another
  • Practical and usefull format and content
  • Descriptives of any "unplanned" or impromptu teaching
    Self-Evaluations (after teaching)
  • Thorough and thoughful reflection and retrospective analysis
  • Strengths and weaknesses noted appropriately
  • Evidence that you will be a better teacher in the future because of what you have learned from your experience
    Other, "Second Mile" Things
  • Clear organization and labeling
  • Introductory comments and overview
  • Conclusion that "wraps up" the experience
Total points: Points
Comments from Mentor Teachers:

General Comments:


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