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Evaluation of Observation Reports


Attach two copies of this form (also found on page xii of your paper packet) to the front of your observation report when you submit it.

Observer's name:

Date report submitted:

On both copies of this form, fill in the information above. Leave the rest blank for the evaluator.


  1. Provides clear, relevant detail in its description of students and the classroom itself.

  2. Describes the student seating pattern and teacher position or movement pattern (with either a diagram or words) and discusses what they reveal.

  3. Demonstrates organization and perception of important details in the description of class activities (including examples).

  4. Demonstrates understanding of the purpose/rationale and principles behind the techniques and activities employed by the teacher.

  5. Demonstrates recognition of the relationship between the overall purpose of the class and the particular class activities.

  6. Reveals the observer's perception of the strengths as well as the problems of the class.

  7. Offers intelligent, reasonable suggestions for improving the class.

  8. Is neatly typed (or very neatly handwritten) and employs correct grammar, spelling, vocabulary, etc.

  9. Uses complete sentences, coherent paragraphs, etc.

  10. Provides evidence that the observation experience was educational for the observer.

  11. Uses (for part of the observation) at least one of the observation systems presented in class in "Another Set of Eyes" (i.e., selective verbatim, verbal flow, at task, class traffic, interaction analysis).

  12. (To be checked by Dr. Henrichsen after the peer evaluation portion of this assignment is done) Is accompanied by a quality evaluation of a classmate's observation report.


A = Excellent. Meets all the above criteria.
B = Very good, but deficient in a few of the above areas.
C = Good, but deficient in several of the above areas.
D = Less than satisfactory. Deficient in most of the above areas.



Evaluated by:

Observation Report Worksheet

Teacher: ________________ Observer: ____________________
Class (Skill/Level): _________ Date: _______________________
School: ___________________ Time: Start _______ Stop _______
Location: __________________ Number of students: _____________

Ethno-linguistic composition of students:

Student seating pattern and teacher position:

Characteristics of the classroom itself:

Description of class activities and discussion of the rationale behind them:

Strengths of this class and/or teacher:

Problems you noticed:

Suggestion for improving the class:

The most important thing(s) you learned from this observation experience:

Ling. 577 Syllabus Ling. 572 Syllabus

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