Adaptation Example 10

Below are two dialogs for teaching English. Analyze and evaluate them. Explain the strengths and weaknesses of each one. You might also want to compare them with each other. Be sure your identify the main teaching point(s).

Dialog 1

Charles: Are you Paul Martin?
Paul: Yes, I am.
Charles: Are you and Alice friends?
Paul: Yes, we are.
Charles: Is English easy?
Paul: Yes, it is.

Dialog 2

Mr. Miller's Illness
Mrs. Miller's husband is ill. He has influenza and he's in bed.

Mrs. Miller: I'm measuring your medicine, Peter. Here it is. Drink this.
Mr. Miller: No, thank you. It's nasty medicine. It's very nasty.
Mrs. Miller: You must drink your medicine. You are ill.
Mr. Miller: Al right, Nell. I'm drinking the medicine. It's very nasty. May I have an orange now?
Mrs. Miller: Yes, dear. You may have an orange, but you mustn't talk.
Mr. Miller: may I smoke a cigar, dear? There are some cigars in this box.
Mrs. Miller: No, Peter. You mustn't open the box and you mustn't smoke cigars. You may eat this orange and you may read this book. It's a very interesting book.

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