Adaptation Example 2

Achieving Behavioral Realism (pp. 9-10)

Pablo: Where's Mother?
Ana: Mother's gone to the market.
David: Oh fine! That means she'll buy us some good food.
Maria: What shall we do while she's gone?
Rosa: I know! Let's surprise her and clean the house.
David: What a fine idea! I'll dust the furniture.
Ana: Good. I'll sweep the floor.
Pedro: Fine. I'll wash the windows.
Maria: I'll wash the dishes.
Rosa: I'll make the beds.
Ana: Baby brother can pick up his toys.
Pablo: Won't Mother be happy when she comes home?
David: yes, and how good we'll all feel!

STOP! Identify the main teaching points (things to be preserved).

Pablo: Where's Mother?
Ana: She's gone to the market, and she says we have to clean the house.
David: Again? It's always dirty.
Ana: Maybe so. Anyway, everyday take a slip of paper out of this hat. It will say what you have to do.
Maria: I sweep the floor.
Rosa: I wash the dishes.
David: Darn it. I have to wash windows. Anyone want to trade?
Pedro: I make the beds.
Ana: And Carlitos, you pick up your toys.

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