Adaptation Example 5


The teacher will read through the following dialogue twice -once slowly and once at normal speed. Then the students will practice the dialogue out loud as the teacher moves around the room to help individuals.

Jerry: Where is the gin, Jill?
Jill: It was shipped from the shore near the marsh, Jerry.
Jerry: Can you assure me that it was shipped, Jill?
Jill: Yes, I would never shirk my duty. Do you think I am a jerk?
Jerry: No, but last time we shipped sherry and we got gypped by the shipper.
Jill: Yes. I paid cash before it was shipped in those jam bottles by jeep. Then we had to sue the shipper.
Jerry: That's right. And the jury found him guilty and put him in jail, where he shot himself.
Jill: Pshaw! He didn't shoot himself. He slipped on a shag rug after eating Jello!
Jerry: Good-bye, Fred. I must go now.
Jill: Good-bye, Jack. See you next week.

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