Audio-motor Unit

Subject: getting to an empty seat in a crowded room

Materials: Books and notebooks for Students C and E to use.

Setting: Arrange the chairs in the following order and have students sit in all of the chairs except the one which is circled. Student E should put his/her extra books on this seat. Student C puts his/her extra beaks partly under the chair which he or she occupies.

AMU Settings


  1. Student A enter the room through the door.
  2. Student A, stop and look around for an empty seat.
  3. Student A, move up so you are standing next to Student B.
  4. Student A, ask ii Seat F is taken. Nod towards it or point with your hand.
  5. Students B, C, D, look towards Student E and ask if "that seat" is taken.
  6. Student E, say "no" and remove your books from the chair and hold them on your lap.
  7. Student A, say "Excuse me" and turn your back to Students B, C, D, and E.
  8. Student B, turn your legs so they go out in the aisle.
  9. Student C, pick up the books which are under your chair.
  10. Student A, take sidewards steps with your back to Stu_dents 8, C, D, and E and move towards the empty chair.
  11. Student A, say, "Excuse me" to Students D and E.
  12. Student D, turn your legs so your knees point towards the empty chair.
  13. Student E, turn your legs so your knees point towards the empty chair and then turn your legs so your knees point forward so Student A can sit down.
  14. Student A, sit down in the empty chair.

Have the empty seat be between Students D and E.
Have the class already be in session.
Have two students enter and have two empty seats by the wall.

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