Casual Dating & Goodnight Kiss

Characters: Zach, an American guy; Cierra, and American girl and the girlfriend of Zach; Wes, Zach’s friend

Scene I

Narrator: Zach and Wes are good friends. One evening Zach got his girlfriend Cierra, to get his friend Wes, a blind date. They are going on a double date.

Cierra & Jana: (The girls come out of their apartment to meet the Zach & Wes)

Zach & Wes: (waiting)

Cierra: Hi guys! I want you to meet my friend Jana.

Zach: Hi Jana!

Wes: Hi Jana! I'm Wes.

Jana: (Looking at Wes) I'm pleased to meet you. Where are we going?

Zach: I thought we would go to the roller rink. That’s fun entertainment!

Zach & Cierra: (small talk)

Wes & Jana: (Cierra takes Zach by the arm and they leave) (Wes and Jana follow)

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Scene II

Narrator: The couples return from dinner and the guys drop the girls off at the apartment.

Zach & Cierra: (take the foreground)

Cierra: I had a good time. Thanks Zach.

Zach: Oh, you're welcome. How about a little Kiss?

Cierra: How about a big kiss?

Zach: How about two little kisses?

Cierra: Well.........Ok.

Zach: (hands Cierra two chocolate Kisses)

Cierra: I love it! I love it!!! I'11 have another.

Zach: (gives Cierra another kiss) Good night Cierra. (Zach Leaves)

Cierra: (goes into her apartment)

Wes & Jana: (take the foreground)

Wes: Good night Jana. (Leans forward to kiss Jana)

Jana: (Pushes Wes back) Good night Wes! Thanks

Jana: (Leaves for her apartment)

Wes: (Looks bewildered) (leaves).

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Scene III

Narrator: The next evening Wes sees Jana with another guy going to a movie. A couple days after that Zach and Wes ran into each other on campus.

Zach: Hi Wes; How did it go the other night?

Wes: Hi Zach. Not too bad. I had a good time but I think I may have said something wrong to Jana.

Zach: What happened?

Wes: I really don't know. I was going to kiss her good night and she pushed me off. And then I saw her the other night going to a movie with another guy.

Zach: (laughs) Maybe it was your bad breath. Don't look now but here comes Jana. I better scram. Good luck. (Zach leaves while waving to Jana.)

Jana: Hi Wes. I thought about calling you back the other night. I wanted you to know that I really had fun.

Wes: (looking bewildered) Oh? (not knowing what to say), Would you like to go some place again this Friday?

Jana: Sure!

Wes: Great! I have to run. I’ll call you later.

Jana: See you!

Wes & Jana: (leave)

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Scene IV

Narrator: The guys and girls are now returning from their second double date.

Zach & Cierra: (take the foreground)

Zach: Boy, I'm beat. One kiss and I'm off. (hands Cierra one chocolate kiss) Good night! (goes into her apartment) (walks off but waits for Wes)

Wes & Jana: (take the foreground)

Jana: Gee…that was fun!

Wes: Are you sure?

Jana: Of course I'm sure. Will you call me tomorrow?

Wes: I'd love to.

Wes: (leans forward to kiss Jana)

Jana: (pushing Wes back) Don't forget to call me. Good night!

Wes: (shakes his head) (walks over to Zach) I don't understand it. I like her. And she even wants me call her tomorrow. Maybe I should just forget the whole thing.

Wes & Zach: (leave the scene)

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