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Reading Lesson Plan

Using Advertisements to "Read Between the Lines" Culturally

Teacher: Amy Delis
For: High-Intermediate to Advanced


Materials Needed:

Learning/Teaching Activities:


Review of vocabulary:


Hold up an advertisement and ask the class what it's advertising.  Write down answers.  Who is the target audience?  How are they selling the product?  Who are they selling the product to?  Is it easy to see the meaning of the text?



Check for understanding of advertisements by going to each group and see if the students are understanding correctly what is being advertised and how.


Ask students to bring an advertisement from a magazine that they have had difficulty understanding and have them try to figure it out and write down the questions that they cannot answer.


Over all I think it went better than I had expected.  I liked the idea, but I didn't know how it was going to turn out.  I had many comments on how fun it was to work with the pictures.  If I had the opportunity to do it over again I would explain the activity a little better and do a demonstration like the presentation says in the Lesson Plan.  I had a little more time to do it and it would have been a little clearer.  I liked one suggestion that was given to me to use television ads as well as magazine advertisements.  To improve the lesson I would record a few TV ads for the class to analyze.  Another thing I thought of after I did the plan was to use ads from magazines in other languages to compare.  There is a Vogue magazine in Spanish that I could use and I could look into other magazines as well.

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