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Writing Lesson Plan

Writing Persuasion Papers: Thesis Statement

Teacher: Stephanie Ashton
Class: English--Writing
Proficiency level: High Intermediate (high school age)
Estimated time: 10 minutes


Materials needed:

Learning/Teaching Activities:


Show Ss two slices of bread. Ask what they expect to see between two of these. (very general things). Now show the Ss the hamburger buns. Ask questions to find out what Ss expect to find between the buns. (more specific) What usually comes between buns, etc. End with "what if I said a beef patty came between these buns, what would also be between them?"


Ask Ss to compare that with an persuasion/essay paper, using the "hamburger essay outline" poster. Restate what a good hamburger usually includes. Have Ss figure out what each part of the hamburger represents in an essay paper, but guide them through.

Explain how introduction narrows things (like the bread-->hamburger buns), but thesis really tells reader what to expect in the paper.

Show example of Arabic texts essay. Tell them to look for the thesis. (evaluation) Review with them where the thesis usually comes in the introduction.


Read Ss the writing subject on bicycles -- review what a good thesis should include (three main ideas), give them a minute to write their thesis.
Ask Ss to read their thesis. Ask class if it is a good thesis and if they know what will be discussed in her essay.

Summary & Application:

Have Ss write a thesis for their persuasion papers tonight at home. Bring to class tomorrow to discuss and go over.

You have entered a competition to win a new bicycle. The winner will be the one who writes the most convincing reasons why he or she wants that bicycle. Try to win the competition.

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