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Lesson Plan--Final

Learning Numbers In Chinese

Teacher: Ru-yi Rebecca Wang
Learners' Age & Language Proficiency Level: Adult Beginners

Teaching Objectives:

Materials Needed:

Learning/Teaching Activities:


Put a pen on the desk. Teach "pen" in Chinese. Ask the students how many pens on the desk.


1. Introduce numbers 1ó10 gradually with flash cards by asking how many pens are on the desk.

2. Stop with two or three more numbers taught and have the students practice pronouncing them until they are familiar with the pronunciation.

Use the flash cards every now and then. Also ask the students to count by odd and even numbers. Then draw several objects or show some pictures for the students to count in Chinese.

3. Take away all the pens and teach "0".


1. Have the students count themselves with numbers 0-10several times so that each individual has the opportunity of saying different numbers.

2. Pair the students up and have each pair count the numbers. Application: Say the telephone numbers. First say my own and have the students write it down. Then ask one student to say it again. Pair the students up again for information gap. Each student say his telephone number for his partner to write down and then check if it is correct. Summary: Have the students read the eleven numbers ranging from 1 to 10 and randomly.

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