Brown: Study Questions and Answers

Brown: Chapter 12 Questions

  1. What is the difference between styles and strategies?
  2. What are some strategies that good language learners use?
  3. What is one of the principal goals of an interactive teacher?
  4. Define and describe SILL.
  5. Brown suggests that the majority of L2 learners lack confidence in their abilities to learn a language. 1) What can a teacher do when this is the case? 2) What if a student is overconfident?
  6. What are some differences between direct (cognitive) strategies and indirect (metacognitive) strategies?
  7. What are some typical cognitive style "problems" and how might teachers overcome them?
  8. How important is it for an ESL/EFL teacher / student to recognize and develop learner strategies in or out of the classroom?
  9. What types of activities could help a student with a low tolerance of ambiguity?
  10. The book suggests 4 ways to teach strategies in the classroom, what are they and what do they entail?

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