Brown: Study Questions and Answers

Brown: Chapter 6 Questions

  1. What are some reminders when teaching teenagers?
  2. What are some things the secondary education school teacher can do to keep students' self-esteem high?
  3. What are some do's and don'ts of general classroom management for adults?
  4. What are 2 things you should not do to adults that you should to children in ESL settings?
  5. What are the 5 major areas to consider with respect to age?
  6. What sort of activities should you incorporate into a lesson plan geared toward children?
  7. What are five strategies to consider when approaching a class to teach (regardless of age)?
  8. How can teachers help students overcome their inhibitions?
  9. What are the differences between teaching adults and children?
  10. What is known as the "caretaker" voice?
  11. What points must you bear in mind about intellectual development when teaching children?
  12. Do children have shorter attention span than adults? Explain.
  13. Why should authentic, meaningful language be used in children's English classrooms?

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