Brown: Study Questions and Answers

Brown: Chapter 7 Questions

  1. How does student creativity vary among the different proficiency levels?
  2. What is the difference between beginning and intermediate levels?
  3. What should be some goals for student at an intermediate level in reading and writing?
  4. What are the ten criteria for considering differences across proficiency levels?
  5. How does the teacher's role change throughout levels?
  6. When is it appropriate to use the students' native language? What are the advantages of using the students' native language in the EFL classroom?
  7. What is the place of the automaticity principle in beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels?
  8. What methods would you utilize with beginning students and why?
  9. What should be foremost in the teachers' minds when teaching beginning students?
  10. What makes teaching beginning level ESL students so different from intermediate and advanced levels?

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