Combine each set of the following sentences. Notice how different subordinating conjunctions (such as "because" and "if") and coordinating conjunctions (such as "and" and "but") can alter the meaning of sentences.  Your revisions should not only be grammatically correct, but should also exemplify some of the elements of good writing we have covered in class this semester (e.g., participles, appositives, etc.).


Sentence One:


     My doctor warned me about trying to lose weight too fast.

     My coach reminded me of the danger involved.

     My mother told me the same thing.


Sentence Two:


     The first documented case of AIDS within the United States occurred in 1977.

     The AIDS crisis continues to grow.

     The number of newspaper and magazine articles on AIDS has declined in the last few years.


Sentence Three:


     Breakfast cereals contain fiber.

     Oat bran may reduce cholesterol.

     Advertisers stress the health benefits of their products.


Sentence Four:


     The cost of running shoes is escalating.

     Most people are very selective about the kind of running shoe they buy.


Sentence Five:


     Scientists use guinea pigs in their laboratory experiments.

     They inject them with a disease.

     They observe their behavior.

     They dissect them.

     They examine the effect of the disease on their organs.


Sentence Six:


     Michelangelo studied anatomy.

     He dissected cadavers.

     Such gruesome work helped him understand human bones and muscles.

     His sculpture celebrates the human body.


Sentence Seven:


     X-rays can penetrate the human body.

     They produce images on photographic film.

     Shadows on the picture reveal changes in body tissue.


Sentence Eight:


     The early history of medicine is filled with guesswork.

     Doctors did not know what caused disease.

     They developed cures through trial and error.

     Most of the cures did not work.

     Cures that worked were considered magical.


Sentence Nine:


     People went to spas to restore their health.

     Most spas were located in beautiful settings.

     They featured special mineral waters.

     The waters were supposed to purge the body of disease.

     These watering spots developed into vacation resorts.


Sentence Ten:


     Coronary heart disease is the major cause of death in this country.

     Cancer also causes many deaths.

     AIDS causes deaths as well.

     My grandfather has coronary heart disease.