English Language in Britain

This isn’t your typical grammar class. The English Language in Britain program is a hands on, experiential investigation into where the English language came from and how diverse its dialects have become. Because we want you to experience the foundations of all English dialects, we will take you to England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland, the only program to visit all the British Isles in one trip. Consider it the J. R. R. Tolkien/Henry Higgins tour of Britain, with a bit of the dialects of Harry Potter, Doctor Who and the Beatles thrown in. Along the way, we’ll teach you the rudiments of how English works, including how to tell where people are from by their accents. Homework assignments in London will take you to historical sites like the Tower of London, Westminster Abbey, the Globe Theatre, and St. Paul’s Cathedral. Assignments outside London will take you to Wales, Scotland, and Ireland. Along the way, we’ll see historical sites like Stonehenge, York Minster, Edinburgh Castle, and Blarney Castle. In many of these places, you will speak with locals with dialects ranging from Scouse to Welsh to Scottish to Irish. If you speak English, this program is for you.


27 June – 9 August 2018 (approximately)


While in London, you will live in flats in the neighborhood of Kensington, a beautiful area near museums and the LDS Hyde Park Chapel. While traveling, you will stay in youth hostels and hotels.


Register for 6 credit hours during summer term. Possible courses include:

  • LING 110 Introduction to Human Language (3 credit hours)—Fulfills the GE Social Science requirement
  • ELANG 324 History of the English Language (3 credit hours)
  • ELANG 468 Varieties of English (3 credit hours)

Courses for the TESOL minor or other courses may also be available.



Includes LDS, undergraduate full tuition (increased cost for graduate and non-LDS students), housing, group transportation and lodging on field trips, and international health insurance coverage.

Not Included: Airfare, most meals (grocery stores are located near housing), and personal expenses.


Students are required to participate in an international, cross-cultural preparation course (IAS 201R, 1 credit hour). This evening course will be held during the second block of winter semester 2018. Part-time and non-BYU students will need to pay an additional $286 tuition fee for enrolling in the prep class.

Accompanying spouses need to be credit-bearing participants on the program. Spouses will also need to apply online and take the preparation course.


Regular BYU tuition scholarships, Pell Grants, and Federal Insured Student Loans may be applied to study abroad programs.

Students who submit the financial aid section of the ISP application and who have a current FAFSA form on file at the Financial Aid Office (A-41 ASB) will be considered for a study abroad scholarship and may be considered for other scholarships. They must indicate on their original online application that they want to be considered for financial aid.

Academic departments and colleges may assist with scholarships and grants. The College of Humanities offers funding for qualified students.

Private grants and scholarships outside of BYU may also assist (see kennedy.byu.edu/scholarships).


Complete the online application at kennedy.byu.edu/apply.

The application requires a $35 fee.

Applicants will be interviewed once the application is complete.

Students will be notified via e-mail of their acceptance into the program.

The first payment is due upon acceptance. Please refer to the 2018 Payment Information document (see kennedy.byu.edu/isp-forms/ISPpaymentInformation2018.pdf)

Priority Deadline: 1 February


Dallin Oaks is an Associate Professor of English Language at BYU. His research interests and teaching assignments include the History of the English Language and the Structure of English.

dallin_oaks@byu.edu, (801)422-6369, 4075 JFSB

Troy L. Cox has a BA in Linguistics, an MA in TESOL, and a PhD in Instructional Psychology and Technology. His main area of research is language learning and assessment. He is an assistant professor of Linguistics and the Associate Director of the Center for Language studies.

troy_cox@byu.edu, (801)422-5755, 3086C JFSB


This is a full summer term program. Students should refrain from scheduling late arrivals and early departures.


International Study Programs isp@byu.edu

(801) 422-3686



ISP reserves the right to cancel this program, revise its offerings, or make any adjustments to the preliminary cost estimates due to conditions beyond its control.