(if you don't plan well.)

What were some of the problems you noticed that this teacher had (or might have) as a result of not using lesson plans?

Here are some problems (and potential problems) that we noticed:
  • Aimless wandering
  • Failure to achieve objectives
  • Needed teaching materials or equipment not available, and
  • Poor connection with preceding or subsequent lessons
If you don't plan your lesson properly you may fall into several traps:

Your teaching may wander aimlessly without ever achieving its objective, and you and your students may never achieve the objectives of the course.


You may show up to teach and find that you didn't bring the necessary materials or equipment.


What you teach may not relate to what you taught earlier and it may not lead to what you will teach later.

In sum, lack of planning can lead to the following consequences:

Can you see why lesson planning is an essential part of good teaching?