Evaluation may sound a bit scary, but it doesn't have to be. "Evaluation" doesn't always correspond to "testing." Evaluation can and should be carried out both during and after instruction. It may be both formal and informal.

Formal evaluation done after instruction-testing-confirms whether the teacher and students have successfully accomplished the objectives, but its results often come too late to do the students much good. Formal evaluation is a bit beyond the scope of this module. It typically involves either creating or selecting an appropriate language test and then administering, scoring, and interpreting it.

Informal evaluation done during instruction is often the most useful and influential type. Here are some ways to carry out informal evaluation during the presentation and practice phases of instruction:

Whatever you do, remember that the evaluation should be related to your lesson objectives. It doesn't make much sense to aim at one thing and evaluate another.

Whether it is informal or formal, evaluation is an essential part of every lesson and should be included in your planning.