For more information and details on any internship position listed below, please contact Dr. Turley, the department internship coordinator.


Katie McKinlay-  800-261-1537 Ex. 7272

BYU Law School

Corpus Linguistics

David Armond – 801.422.4258

BYU Marriott School of Business

On-Campus Internships

Ballard Center Social Innovation Project Internships

Social Innovation Projects (SIP) is an on-campus internship program that empowers you to work on projects for award-winning organizations from around the world.



InContact is a call center technology company that provides a cloud-based customer-interaction platform. Their products include interactive voice response that uses speech processing to boost efficiency.

Matthew Legare – – 801.366.2776

inWhat Language

Language Translation and Localization Services

Minimum 16 hours/week, unpaid

Doug Simpson –

Legally Mine

Steve Mecham –


Multi-Ling provides innovative localization solutions through an efficient streamlined translation process across several industries. They connect people together, and they might need you to help them do it.

        Unpaid Positions

HR group –


PhraseWorthy functions as a catalyst in catch-phrase creation; it’s an amazingly accessible catalog of relationships between words both phonetically and semantically that takes any brainstorm to a whole new level.

Dallin Oaks,


Translation/Localization On-Campus Internship

Apply at

Register for HCOLL 494R class


Automated captioned translations of English broadcasting into Spanish are made possible in real time through the technology and ongoing research of Vox-Frontera as a key player in the speech technology community.

Headquarters –  301-588-5095