Anna: Japan, LTL

Before beginning a TESOL internship, I would suggest that you sit down and plan out your schedule for the time that you will be teaching. Make sure that you will get sufficient hours in both teaching and planning and if you are short in any way, discuss the problem with your supervisor before you are on-site. Keep careful, detailed track of your hours, not just for the internship class but for anyone else for whom it may be necessary. Plan your assignments carefully on Learning Suite as well so you know when the due dates are and won’t be surprised. This is particularly important if you are taking study abroad classes at the same time. Above all, be flexible. Your assignment will almost certainly change from the exact parameters you expected when you began, you may not have access to certain resources you were expecting, and your duties, students, teaching material, living and teaching conditions, and supervisors may change randomly at any time. This is actually pretty normal. Even if you are freaking out inside, if you act calm and confident in what you are doing, this goes a long way in showing everyone that you are capable. You probably gain the most respect when you act unruffled by whatever happens. Almost any situation, however extreme it may seem, is not the end of the world and you will be surprised by your ability to work past setbacks as your internship goes on.

- Anna