Suzanne: MultiLing

I believe that the most important thing that I learned at my internship was the value of trusting in yourself, and doing your best. The work that I was doing for this class was related to subjects and fields with which I was unfamiliar. I constantly needed to check information to make sure I was putting things in right, and I did not really trust my own work until my supervisor told me that she was going to take a few steps back, and that she did not need to be constantly evaluating my work. When I realized that I was okay on my own I found that my productivity increased, and that I was also finishing things much faster than I previously had been. I also found that the days that I felt the best about my internship were those that I put forth my best effort. I knew that I had done my best that day, and I knew that my supervisor and coworkers could tell as well. An internship is an amazing experience, and for me it gave me the confidence I needed to know that I could perform well in a professional setting in the translation field.

- Suzanne