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  1. An Analysis of Reheared Speech Characteristics on the Oral Proficiency Interview-Computer (OPIc) by Gwyneth Gates
  2. Pun Strategies Across Joke Schemata: A Corpus-Based Study by Robert Nishan Crapo
  3. Cultural Differences in Russian and English Magazine Advertising: A Pragmatic Approach by Emily Kay Furner
  4. Investigating the Perception of Identity Shift in Trilingual Speakers: A Case Study by Elena Vasilachi
  5. Multilingual Trends in Five London Boroughs: A Linguistic Landscape Approach by Shayla Ann Johnson
  6. Nature or Nurture in English Academic Writing: Korean and American Rhetorical Patterns by Sunok Kim
  7. Applying the Developmental Path of English Negation to the Automated Scoring of Learner Essays by Travis Moore
  8. Performance Self-Appraisal Calibration of ESL Students on a Proficiency Reading Test by Jodi Mikolajcik Petersen
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  1. The Effect of Prompt Accent on Elicited Imitation Assessments in English as a Second Language by Jacob Garlin Barrows
  2. A Longitudinal Analysis of Adult ESL Speakers' Oral Fluency Gains by Kostiantyn Fesenko
  3. The Onomatopoeic Ideophone_Gesture Relationship in Pastasa Quichua by Sarah Ann Hatton


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  1. Idioms as a measure of Proficiency by Kyle H. Vanderniet
  2. A Motivational, Online Guide to Help English Language Learners with the Development, Implementation, and Evaluation of their Individual Pronunciation Improvement Plans by Sofia Laura Carreno Galdame
  3. A Diachronic Analysis of North and South Korean Monophthongs: Vowel Shifts on the Korean Peninsula by Jessica M. Morgan
  4. English to ASL Gloss Machine Translation by Mary Elizabeth Bonham
  5. A Corpus-Based Analysis of Russian Word Order Patterns by Stephanie Kay Billings
  6. Establishing the Viability of the Multidimensional Quality Metrics Framework by Tyler A. Snow
  7. Parameters that Affect the Comfort Levels of Native English Speakers Communicating with Non-Native English Speakers by Kayla Marie Nymeyer
  8. The Language and Cross-Cultural Perceptions of Deception by Brent Logan Laing
  9. Syriac Rhetorical Particles: Variable Second-Position Clitic Placement by Patrick Pearson
  10. Botheration and Recognition of Prescriptive Rules by Sara D. Smith
  11. Teaching Practice and Motivation Among Albanian and Japanese Missionaries by Rebecca Susan Hoopes
  12. The Development of an ESP Vocabulary Study Guidefor the Utah State Driver Handbook by Kirsten M. Brown
  13. The Vocabulary Research Database: A Compilation of State-of-the-Art Academic Vocabulary Research by Melissa Young
  14. Grammatical Features of Structural Elaboration and Compression Common in Advanced ESL Academic Writing by Gyusuk Yang
  15. The Role of Pronunciation in Speaking Test Ratings by Rui (Judy) Ma


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  1. How We Feel About How We Talk: A Language Attitude Survey of Utah English by David Matthew Savage
  2. TESOL Employment Ads in China and South Korea: Personal Characteristics, Knowledge, and Skills Identified in Full-Time Ads Posted for International Instructors by Jae-Song Lee
  3. The Effect of Computer-Based Pronunciation Readings on ESL Learners' Perception and Production of Prosodic Features in a Short-Term ESP Course by Caitlin Jolley
  4. Lexical Trends in Young Adult Literature: A Corpus-Based Approach by Kyra McKinzie Nelson


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  1. A Dictionary of Unorthodox Oral Expressions for English Learners and Teachers by Eewen Ting
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