Humanities Advisement Center

Humanities Advisement and Careers, in 1041 JFSB, is open from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, except holidays and graduation days, and Tuesdays from 10:45 a.m. to 12:00 noon when we are closed for University devotionals

Appointments are not required. You are welcome to walk-in and see an advisor as they are available, or you may make an appointment if you desire by calling us by phone at (801) 422-4789, clicking to the right under “Talk to an Advisor” and “Make an Appointment” or email at

Advisors are assigned responsibility for specific majors; however, you may meet with any one of the advisors; they are all cross-trained. Cathryn Schofield takes care of our Linguistics and ELang, Philosophy and Humanities advisement. Paula Landon is over our English, English Teaching, and TESOL advisement, as well as Double Majors, if not a language. She is also over Transfer Credit advisement. Dave Waddell is our Career, Internship,  Resume Advisor and is over the American Studies and Spanish & Portuguese programs.  Sherami Jara is over all language programs in our college besides Spanish and Portuguese, as well as Double Majors with languages.



Department Undergraduate Advisement by Program

Linguistics BA & Linguistics Minor

Last name Advisor Office location Office phone # E-mail address
A-B Dan Dewey 4067 JFSB 422-6005
C-D Dave Eddington 4041 JFSB 422-7452
E-G Jeff Parker 4051 JFSB 422-5353
H-J Bill Eggington 4048 JFSB 422-3483
K-M Dirk Elzinga (LAC) 4043 JFSB 422-2117
N-Q Deryle Lonsdale 4039 JFSB 422-4067
R-S Janis Nuckolls 4055 JFSB 422-3448
T-V Heather Sturman 4065 JFSB 422-2692
W-Z Chris Rogers 4047 JFSB 422-2692

English Language BA

Last name Advisor Office location Office phone # E-mail address
A-F Don Chapman 4064B JFSB 422-8738
G-M Mark Davies 4059 JFSB 422-9168
N-S Cynthia Hallen 4073 JFSB 422-2020
T-Z Dallin D. Oaks 4075 JFSB 422-6369



Editing Minor

Last name Advisor Office location Office phone # E-mail address
A-G Marvin Gardner 4045 JFSB 422-1253
H-N Alan Manning 4053 JFSB 422-2974
O-T Jacob Rawlins 4051 JFSB 422-2144
U-Z Suzy Bills 4092 JKB 422-1719




Last Name Advisor’s Name Office Number Phone Number E-Mail Address
A-E Grant Eckstein 4071 JFSB 422-5946
F-J Norm Evans 4059 JFSB 422-2208
K-O Dee Gardner 4061 JFSB 422-1219
P-T Lynn Henrichsen 4040 JFSB 422-2938
U-Z Mark Tanner 4063 JFSB 422-8154