Editing Department Advisors

These faculty members serve as academic advisors for editing students and are available to offer advice to individual students regarding academic matters and the process of finding a job. Your advisor will make sure that you understand the requirements of the major/minor and will explain related opportunities. You must see your advisor after applying for the editing major or minor.

Matt Baker

4045 JFSB



Pro­fessor Baker’s primary interests are in feedback, social technologies, and employment communication; he has experience in textbook publishing and professional communication.

Alan D. Manning

4053 JFSB



Professor Manning’s primary interests are in linguistics, especially as applied to editing and technical communication.

Suzy Bills

4092 JKB



Professor Bills’s primary interests are in freelance editing and scholarly and corporate publishing; she has experience in business communications and freelance editing and writing.  

Jacob Rawlins

4051 JFSB



Professor Rawlins’s primary interests are in the dynamics of the publishing industry; he has experience in business communications, scholarly publishing, and freelance work.