Faculty Publications 2018

Dr. Cynthia Hallen


Poetry Jam 2018. Published online:

Dr. Troy Cox

Future Directions in Assessment: Influences of Standard and Implications for Language Learning

Foreign Language Annals. 2018. 1-12 https://doi.org/10.1111/flan.12326

Dr. Janis Nuckolls

The Interactional and Cultural Pragmatics of Evidentiality in Pastaza Quichua

The Oxford Handbook of Evidentiality

Dr. Troy Cox

Standardized Testing in Reading


Dr. Grant Eckstein

Assessment of L2 student writing: Does teacher disciplinary background matter?

Journal of Writing Research

Dr. Lynn Henrichsen, Dr. Troy Cox, Dr. Mark Tanner

Pronunciation's role in English speaking-proficiency ratings

Journal of Second Language Pronunciation, Volume 4, Issue 1, 2018

Dr. Earl Brown

Constructing two phonological systems: A phonetic analysis of /p/, /t/, /k/ among early Spanish- English Bilingual Speakers

International Journal of Bilingualism

Dr. Earl Brown

Brown, Earl K. 2018. The company that word-boundary sounds keep: The effect of contextual ratio frequency on word-final /s/ in a sample of Mexican Spanish. Functionalist and Usage-based Approaches to the Study of Language: In honor of Joan L. Bybee, 107–125. (Studies in Language Companion Series 192). Amsterdam: John Benjamins Publishing Company.

Dr. Janis Nuckolls

Respectable uncertainty and pathetic truth in Amazonian Quichua-speaking culture