Thesis/Project Examples




An Analysis of Rehearsed Speech Characteristics on the Oral Proficiency Interview—Computer (OPIc)

Gwyneth Elaine Gates

Eye-tracking study to perform a distractor analysis on multiple choice reading

Juan Escalante

Increasing ESL Learners’ Listening Motivation through Metacognitive Strategies

Corbin Rivera

Investigating rater bias in types of grammatical errors: An eye-tracking study

Sarah Miner

Performance Self-Appraisal Calibration of ESL Students on a Proficiency Reading Test

Jodi Mikolajcik Petersen



A Further Study on the Rhetoric Revision Log

Natalie Cole

Faculty and EAL Student Perceptions of  Writing Purposes and Challenges in the Business Major

Amy Mae Johnson

Investigating the Effects of Rater’s Second Language Learning Background and Familiarity with Test-Taker’s First Language on Speaking Test Scores

Ksenia Zhao

Managing Dynamic Written Corrective Feedback: A Case Study at an Intensive English Program

Rachel Messenger

The Impact of Changing TOEFL Cut-Scores on University Admissions

Laura Michelle Decker



A Self-Regulated Learning Inventory Based on a Six-Dimensional Model of SRL

Christopher Nuttall

Expecting Excellence: Student and Teacher Attitudes Towards Choosing to Speak English in an IEP

Alhyaba Encinas Moore

The Effect of Prompt Accent on Elicited Imitation Assessments in English as a Second Language

Jacob Garlin Barrows



Exploring the Language of Assessment on Reading Proficiency Exams of Advanced Learners of Russian

Jeremy S. Evans

Grammatical Features of Structural Elaboration and Compression Common in Advanced ESL Academic Writing

Gyusuk Yang



A Modified Approach to the Implementation of Dynamic Written Corrective Feedback

Brooke Elizabeth Barton Eddington



A Novice Teacher’s Shoebox: A Volunteer EFL Teacher Training Curriculum

Piret Luik

Assisting Novice Raters in Addressing the In-Between Scores When Rating Writing

Brittney Greer

Bringing the Tutors to the Students: An Investigative Study of WAC Tutoring in Second Language Contexts

Kendon C. Kurzer

Dynamic Written Corrective Feedback: Achieving Manageability

Angela Shelley

Six Principles of Self-Regulated Learning: Developing Self-Regulated Language Learners

Andrea M. Gonzalez






Building an Online Framework to Develop Novice English Language Teacher Pedagogical Competency

Elisabet S. Chew

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Tailoring a Business Communications Curriculum for Non-Native English Speakers

Susie McGann

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Designing and Developing an Online Self-Regulated Learning Course

Mariah K. Krauel

Enhancing Integrated Writing Task Instruction in an Intensive English Program

Dayna Cuenca



An Academic Writing Reference for ESL Tutors at an Intensive English Program: Analysis and Design

Candice Snow

Developing and Evaluating Online Curriculum for Volunteer ESL Teachers

Karina Jackson

Formatting Matters: Context and Tools for Assessing Academic Document Design in the Classroom

Sarah Lutz

Motivational partnerships: Increasing ESL student self-efficacy

Paul Cave



Curriculum Development for the Novice Developer

Darcy Lyn Whetten