Scholarship Winner

Congratulations to Lisa Hoffman! Lisa is one of the Linguistics Departments new TESOL MA students. She attended the Graduate Studies New Student Fair and the Evening for New Graduate Student’s Dinner and was the lucky recipient of a Winter 2019 Scholarship. We look forward to seeing what Lisa accomplishes in the TESOL program!

Lisa is from California and studied Japanese as her undergrad with TESOL and music minors. She loves teaching and wanted to get her MA in TESOL so she can become a better teacher and make her she is qualified for a TESOL position she may want to pursue. Her thesis is on dynamic written corrective feedback (DWCF), which is a coded system of written feedback done on a regular and repeated basis. Her chair is Grant Eckstein, and they will be looking at the effects of DWCF on graduate students who are studying in their second language to see the effects it has on their grammar and writing complexity.