The Development of an ESP Vocabulary Study Guidefor the Utah State Driver Handbook

This thesis project details research conducted and the method employed to create a tool for acquiring the technical vocabulary from the Utah Driver Handbook. Technical terms were compiled into a vocabulary tool for English as a Second Language (ESL) learners. ESL programs within the state have noted the need for materials to help learners acquire this vocabulary. The tool will assist ESL learners preparing for the written driving exam by reinforcing the vocabulary through various iterations, including flash cards, simplified definitions, and an L1 gloss. Learners preparing for the exam will be able to study difficult vocabulary terms using the tool. The tool includes flashcards containing definitions and images, a list of terms with simplified learner definitions, and a list of terms in English with their Spanish equivalent. The tool was created with the intent of providing learners with the ability to revisit difficult terms in a number of ways (i.e. Quizlet, images, simplified definitions, and an L1 gloss). The intended outcome of this research is that the tool will be useful to ESL learners preparing for the written driving exam and be made applicable to learners in other settings.

Thesis Author: Brown, Kirsten Marie

Year Completed: 2015

Thesis Chair: Dee Gardner

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