The Vocabulary Research Database: A Compilation of State-of-the-Art Academic Vocabulary Research

The Vocabulary Research Database (VRD) is a research tool comprised of a compilation of state-of-the art academic research in the field of vocabulary acquisition and pedagogy. The VRD has flexible search features that allow users to obtain higher granularity than is possible with other free databases and online search options currently available, making the results more relevant and manageable. These features include the ability to constrain results by date, author, publication, sub-topics, keywords, citation numbers, journal impact factors, and participant ages. It is anticipated that the ability to manipulate results, combined with relevant and current content, will provide language professionals with a valuable tool for accessing vocabulary-specific research, enabling them to better inform and improve their work.

Thesis Author: Young, Melissa

Year Completed: 2015

Thesis Chair: Dee Gardner

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