Brad Miller

Degree: BA in Linguistics and Linguistics MA from Brigham Young University. Linguistics MA, Linguistics PhD, and MBA from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Thesis Topic: Lingusitics MArkers of Caste Identity in Spoken Telugu (India).  The thesis can be found here.

Dissertation Topic while at UIUC: Linguistics Foundations of Actionable Consensus in Business Meetings.

Since Graduation: As stated above, I have received another MA in Linguistics, a PhD in Linguistics and a Masters in Business Administration. I now work as an Associate HR Manager for Procter & Gamble in Cincinnati, Ohio in the recruiting space. Part of my job includes sentiment analysis on employee surveys and work on team building.

Future goals/plans: I would like to eventually start his own consulting/coaching business for executives and other business people who seek to further realize their potential (in both senses of the word- to come to understand as well as to achieve).

Advice to future graduate students: Follow your passion for answering questions.  The faculty and program are set up to instruct you, but it is your responsibility to define the scope of what you learn and how far you can take it. It is a great opportunity to get an education at BYU, don’t take that lightly. You can turn it into something amazing if you so desire. Spend time getting to know the faculty, not only in the department but around campus. They truly are world-class and can teach you a lot. Ultimately, seek to serve those around you. As you do that, you’ll come to realize just how unique and valuable a BYU education can be.