Brooke Eddington

Degree: TESOL MA

Thesis/Project Topic: “A Modified Approach to the Implementation of Dynamic Written Corrective Feedback” (2014) Click here to view thesis.

What you have done since graduation: I graduated in 2014 and started serving on the ELC Executive Council. It was amazing. I miss it. I also served as the I-TESOL Board Secretary. In 2016, I moved to Austin, TX. I currently teach courses in the ESOL Department at Austin Community College. I am extremely involved with the ESOL assessments in the department, primarily placement and oral proficiency testing. My involvement with ACTFL and training on the OPI (which I did at BYU and highly recommend to everyone) prepared me to accept an assessment position at ACC. I also serve on two committees at ACC: Oral Communication and Professional Development. My time at BYU really prepared me to serve on the Professional Development committee since our objective is to find or create opportunities for faculty to have continuing education in the field. I am currently the Board Secretary for the TexTESOL Austin regional affiliate and had a blast helping plan and carry out the TexTESOL State Conference in 2016.

Future goals/plans: To present at a conference internationally and rate OPIs for the ACTFL.

Advice to future graduate students: (1) Get to know your professors really well. Spend a lot of time around them. They are brilliant and you will learn just from being in their presence. Talk to them about your thesis ideas. Let them guide you in the right direction. Go to their office hours. Ask them questions. (2) Take every opportunity! Attend conferences; present your three-minute thesis; present at conferences; teach; tutor; do everything you possibly have time for! Immerse yourself. Your time in the MA will go fast! (3) Network with people — past and present ELC/BYU faculty and TESOL MA students. Don’t be afraid to reach out. Ask them questions. Find out what they do and why they do it and how they got there.