Eimi Priddis



Thesis/Project: Career Path Trends of TESOL Graduates

What have you done since graduation: Law school and JD (worked for International Center for Law and Religion Studies and taught freshman writing at BYU). Taught freshman writing at Snow College, and taught English at University in Turkey. I also worked as a patent writer and trademark attorney.

Future goals/plans: Just hired as an adjunct in the English department at BYU. I am planning to start my own law firm in the background…trademarks, business, maybe immigration. Also planning to start a nonprofit for religious liberty in the next couple months. I’d also like to try my go at a bakery…I have a plan. Just for fun. Hoping to try it out as family business next summer.

Advice to future students: Attend every devotional. It’s a great time to reflect on life and past and future goals in an inspirational atmosphere.