Gerald T. Snow

Degree: Linguistics MA

Thesis: Creole Genesis and Universality: Case, Word Order, and Agreement; found here.

What have you done since graduation: As of January 1, 2018, I have started work in the Sacred Materials Translation Section of the Translation Division of the Publishing Services Department of the LDS Church. That means I will be a member of a team responsible for translating the standard works of the Church, temple ordinances, hymns, etc. My first assignment is with the Turkish language. Obviously, I am not a native speaker of Turkish, but at the supervisory level I will not need to be, since I will be checkin for literalness, consistency, and compliance with guidelines. However, I will need some basic knowledge of Turkish, so I am working on that. It will be a challenge, but I am excited to use some of the skills and knowledge I gained in Linguistics at BYU.