Travel Funds

If your internship involves travel, and you are not getting paid for your internship, the College of Humanities has money available to alleviate the expenses you would have for your internship.

Travel Funding Levels

For majors in the College of Humanities:

  • International Internship: $1500 – $2500 (need based)
  • U.S. Internship: $1000
  • Utah internship: $500 (beyond BYU campus)

For minors in the College of Humanities:

  • International Internship: $750 – $1250 (need-based)
  • U.S. internship: $500
  • Utah internship: $250 (beyond BYU campus)

Students must meet all four internship funding criteria before they can submit an online application:

  • Major or minor in the College
  • Be accepted to an unpaid, professionally supervised internship, one term or more in duration
  • Be enrolled in a competency-based internship prep course (396R/369R) NOT OUR DEPARTMENT
  • Have already registered for the appropriate 399R (our department’s would be LING 399R) for at least 3 internship credits
  • A student can do a second internship in a following semester and again qualify for the funds through the College of Humanities.

Apply through the College Internship funding link:

For students who have questions after submitting their Travel Funds application, please contact the student assistant in Humanities Advisement and Careers (1175 JFSB, ).



What happens after a student completes the college internship funding application?

1. The applicant receives an email confirming receipt of the student’s application

You have successfully submitted your College Internship Funding application. You will be contacted directly within two weeks regarding your funding eligibility. If you have any questions, please contact the student assistant in Humanities Advisement and Careers (1175 JFSB, 801.422.4789,

2. The student assistant receives the application from the Outlook email containing the following details and inputs that information on the spreadsheet accordingly:

a. Name

b. Email

c. NetID

d. Semester/Term of internship

e. Location (International/U.S./Utah)

f. Major

g. Minor

h. Internship Program

i. Internship Coordinator

3. The Student Assistant looks up and fills in the following additional details on the Excel Spreadsheet:

a. Student ID Number

b. Whether or not the applicant is enrolled in the correct 399R course and is taking or has taken the proper internship prep course (typically IAS 369R or HCOLL 396R)

4. Once everything is filled out on the spreadsheet, the student assistant sends personal emails to all applicants missing requirements for funding (if they haven’t taken IAS 369R/HCOLL 396R, registered for the correct 399R course, etc.)

5. If the student meets qualification criteria, the student assistant then sends the internship coordinator an email asking for approval of award. The student assistant marks the date the email was sent requesting coordinator approval and the date approval is consequently obtained or denied on the spreadsheet.

*Note: Student assistants may email coordinators if applicants have taken the prep course but not registered for 399R, because oftentimes students will in fact be doing the internship, but are just slow to register for the course. This approach provides ample time for the internship coordinator to respond while simultaneously waiting for the student to register. Here’s a typical sample email that would be sent to the internship coordinator:

Dear (Internship Coordinator),

I’m working with Danny, and we received X student’s application for Humanities Internship Funding. We just want to verify with you that he or she is doing an actual internship, and that you support his/her award. Do you authorize providing funds to X student?

6. If all requirements are met and documented internship coordinator approval is obtained, the student assistant sends the student applicant an award email (generally within two weeks of application submission). Here’s an example of that email:

Dear Student,

Congratulations! Your application for internship funding through the College of Humanities has been approved. You will receive X amount for your internship in (semester/term). The money should be transferred from the scholarship office to your student account approximately one week prior to the beginning of your internship. Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

7. One week before the semester/term begins, the student assistant submits the list of approved students with relevant details to the college controller (Jared) for submission to the scholarship office.

8. The scholarship office transfers the award to the student account and sends a notification to the student of that transfer.