Editing Internship Criteria

One credit hour of the internship course completes Requirement 7. Students can take up to 9 credits of ELang 399R per semester (so they could fill credit-hour requirements to maintain student status while working in a full-time internship), but they only need 1 credit for the major. Same goes with ELang 351R. They can take up to 3 credit hours on a student journal, but they only need 1 hour for the requirement. I usually recommend that they do the minimum 1 hour for either of those classes. Most students don’t need the extra credit hours. (from Jacob Rawlins, May 18, 2020)

An editing internship is a practical work experience that draws upon principles learned in editing classes and that enhances learning about communication or publication processes. To receive credit, the intern must be concurrently enrolled in Ling 399R and have a qualified supervisor trained in editing at the internship site. Academic credit is received by completing 42 hours of interning for every hour of academic credit registered for.  Although credits are variable, students typically sign up for 3 credits, which equates to 126 hours of interning, or approximately 9 hours a week for the semester.

The student intern completes a monthly work log and a beginning and end report.  The supervisor verifies the hours completed by the intern and submits to the internship coordinator a mid-service evaluation and a final evaluation of the intern’s performance.

If an internship provider would like to have interns participate a project, he/she can write a flyer-type description of the internship and our department will send that out to editing minors.  I will also keep that information on hand and share it with potential interns in our department.  The provider would also need to go to this site: https://experience.byu.edu/sign-an-internship-master-agreement and complete the Master Agreement form that BYU requires for all internship offerings.

In order for a student to be involved in this internship, he/she would need to make the arrangement to do this internship with the provider, then complete the student application on https://experience.byu.edu/ .  That application is sent to me and I will approve it once I have a Pre-Approval form (see below) from the student and can verify to the BYU Intern Office that I have explained the academic requirements for the internship to the potential intern.  Once approved, the student can then register for the internship course.  The intern can decide how many hours will be spent on the internship and register appropriately for anywhere from 0.5 credits (26 interning hours) to 3 credits (126 interning hours).  It is even possible to do more credits, but 1 to 3 credits is most common.

PreApproval Form for Internship.docx  Download
This internship can fulfill Requirement 7 for experiential learning in the Editing and Publishing major.  One credit or more is required.

Our Learning Outcomes for this course are:

Outcome 1:

Apply academic coursework to the internship.

  • for Editing:  Interns apply their knowledge of editing and appropriate English language usage in a professional setting. Students will demonstrate practical competency in at least one editing genre (magazine publishing, technical communication, book publishing, scholarly publishing, or visual design), and in the tools and processes of the publishing business.


Outcome 2:

Develop and apply general professional skills to real-world work settings. Interns demonstrate several professional skills through documentation of:

  • familiarity with project management (effectively initiating and completing projects)
  • development of professional relationships and successful teamwork
  • effective communication and navigation of cultural diversity
  • data analysis and research used to meet professional objectives


Outcome 3: incorporated into syllabus:
  • Interns are prepared to:
  • Establish expectations (create positive first impressions and lay the groundwork for strong working relationships).
  • Narrate a powerful, evidence-based internship story highlighting the professional relevance of your internship.