Internship Process

Ling 399R

1. Complete the prerequisite courses (or have a plan for completing them) for your emphasis. Note the criteria you must meet for an internship.

2. Develop internship: review possible sites, see other interns’ comments, contact site to determine if a position is available and that a qualified supervisor is willing and able to manage your training as well as report your progress.

3. Obtain Pre-Approval from department internship coordinator.

4. Attend an internship meeting before beginning your internship. Apply for travel funds if internship is unpaid and off campus.

5. Check for the provider’s Master Agreement in the Master Agreement Database (at If missing, the internship provider can apply (

6. Register for the internship class, Ling 399R (the Kennedy Center will assist you if your internship is international). Credit hours are determined by internship hours: 1 credit = 42 hours of interning.

7. Start internship. Complete all assignments as required by the internship class instructor. This will include a beginning and end Report, monthly Work Logs, and a Mid-Service, Final, and Site Evaluation.

8. End internship. Complete evaluations: yours of the site, and of you (by the supervisor). Write a thank you letter.

9. All international internships will be structured through the Kennedy Center. They will work with the Linguistics Department to approve your internship, vet the international location, and register you for your internship.

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