Internship Providers

Two steps are necessary in order to become an internship site for our students:

1. your company, as a provider, must be approved by BYU

2. an Internship Master Agreement must be in place.

The Linguistics Department at Brigham Young University is pleased that you are interested in providing an internship opportunity for our students. All internship providers must have a completed Master Agreement with our university specifying that the internship will be an educational experience as part of BYU’s academic curriculum. You may search at look for the Internship Master Agreements Database. If your company is not on the list, fill out the Master Agreement and submit it to the BYU Experiential Learning Office (5435 HBLL, email They will make a decision about the acceptability of your internship site and then put the Agreement in their database. Any student then wishing to apply with you will already have the site (your company) approved and can apply for an internship experience with you.

As a potential provider, you must guarantee that a qualified supervisor will oversee intern work and give feedback, which includes provision of:

1. planned and supervised tasks

2. orientation to your policies

3. verification of the work hours that the intern submits (done via email)

4. evaluation of the intern’s performance by submitting a short online survey (a document will be provided) at the internship midpoint and again at the completion of the internship

We are grateful for your time and commitment to help our students gain valuable skills and experience.  We hope the work our student interns complete is also a benefit to you!  Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

Nicole Bay

Internship Coordinator Department of Linguistics

Brigham Young University