For more information and details on any internship position listed below, please contact Dr. Bay, the department internship coordinator.


Work with translation and project management

Mark Anderson –

BYU Law Corpus

Contribute to the ongoing COFEA (a corpus of the founding fathers’ work)

BYU Marriott School of Business

On-Campus Internships

Ballard Center Social Innovation Project Internships

Social Innovation Projects (SIP) is an on-campus internship program that empowers you to work on projects for award-winning organizations from around the world.

CommGap International Language Services,

Defense Language Institute

Monterey, CA

Thomas Donehue –

Family Search

Localization tasks with translation, quality check of translation, and project management

Martin Gomez –

Federal Bureau of Investigations

Gain experience working with the FBI in statement analysis.


Teach English to ESL learners worldwide through live remote streaming

Ashley Whitesides –

inWhat Language

Language Translation and Localization Services

Chrisanne Hymas –


Lingotek provides translations in over 250 languages

Terri Zoller –

Provo Missionary Training Center

Help create Canvas 2.0 language courses. (All languages except Spanish, French, and Korean are needed.) Internship is 150 hours.

Dan Winder –


Multi-Ling provides innovative localization solutions through an efficient streamlined translation process across several industries. They connect people together, and they might need you to help them do it.

        Unpaid Positions

HR group –


PhraseWorthy functions as a catalyst in catch-phrase creation; it’s an amazingly accessible catalog of relationships between words both phonetically and semantically that takes any brainstorm to a whole new level.

Dallin Oaks –

Translation/Localization On-Campus Internship

Apply at Register for HCOLL 494R class.

Doug Porter –