Mary Bonham

Degree: Linguistics MA

Thesis: English to ASL Gloss Machine Translation, which can be found here.

What have you done since graduation: I work for Sorenson Communications as a video relay interpreter. I am also working as a freelance ASL interpreter. I just started working at Lone Peak High School as an ASL teacher, part time. I work in the ASL language planning group for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints doing content review for Deaf signers working on projects such as General Conference interpretations and Teaching in the Savior’s Way translations.


Future goals/plans: Possibly get more classes to teach and maybe get the teaching endorsement. Not sure yet.

Advice for future graduate students: Enjoy the journey! Make sure to decide on a thesis (if applicable) early in your studies so you can focus your class assignments toward your thesis. Getting a great chair will help you to complete the work. Have fun! Be amazed!