Michael Bean

Degree: Linguistics MA (approximately half was CS coursework)

Thesis: A Framework for Evaluating Recommender Systems. Click here to view thesis.

Job since graduation: I worked for BYU, Dell EMC, and now in healthcare via MultiScale Health Networks as a software engineer.

Future goals/plans: work for Cobalt Speech, Amazon Alexa, or start a company that synthesizes speech or makes educational games that teach language.

Advice: Have 5 jobs in mind. Find out what they actually require (talk to actual current employees) and work towards that. Quit early if you know you won’t enjoy it long term. Repeat. You’ll find what you enjoy most and be ready for the job. Also, pay of debt like crazy and never go into more debt. Save up for when you are out of the job. This has helped me more than you think. Being prepared makes you better able to make wise, informed financial job decisions and helps you remain focused at work even while other employees might be stressed. Also, it allows you the freedom to choose the more expensive healthcare that in the end is actually cheaper. Being the level head is better than being among the non-level heads. Every major should require more finance courses. Never have bad credit card debt. Destroy them if you must.