Workplace Myth-Making

You ever notice that Disney only has cast members, not employees?
Dr. Jacob Rawlins, an editing professor in our department, was featured on YNews for his research on workplace myth-making.

The Rules of Bad News

Dr. Alan Manning's research on how to deliver bad news was featured on the USA Today Show!

Big Lang

Check out this article written by Amanda K. Fronk. Amanda dives into the world of words and shows how Dr. Mark Davies has built corpora to help us learn more about language.

Mark E. Davies

Meet Dr. Davies, English Language professor for Brigham Young University. Find out how he got his start in this field of study.

Research Fellowship Awards

Congratulations, Sarah Miner and Tim Hall!

How and Why Languages Change

Non-traditional Students from the Department of Linguistics and English Language Share Their Stories

Exploring an Ancient Language

BYU Magazine in Ecuador

People, Patterns, and Perseverance: How Linguistics Prepares Students for Lives of Discovery and Success

Four BYU Professors Receive the ACTFL-Modern Language Award

Ensuring Quality in Research

A Battle of Words

German Linguistics: Teaching the Norm

Ordinary Meanings: Using Corpus Linguistics in Law

Anchor Yourself and Soar

Linguistics Department Chair Devotional

Disappearing Languages