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Volunteering to work on a student journal gives you a chance to learn more about publishing, whether your goal is to improve your writing or your editing skills. Having the experience listed on your transcript is impressive to potential employers—and you will make a contribution to the university by helping your fellow students polish and publish their writing and by making their ideas available to other students. To participate, contact the student editor of the journal you are interested in (who can also tell you more about the journal) or show up at their meeting time. It’s that simple.

Register for Credit!

You can receive an hour of credit for your volunteer work on a student journal by enrolling in ELang 351R; the journal meetings will be your class meetings and most of your grade comes from the work you will already be doing for the journal; the only other requirements are to submit time logs and to write two short papers. Having ELang 351R on your transcript makes it easy to show potential employers that you are serious about learning about publishing (after all, you volunteered your time to work on a student journal) and it indicates that you received good training and feedback in your journal experience. For more information about the journals or the class, check with Professor Jacob Rawlins (4051 JFSB, 422-2144, Some departments that sponsor student journal also offer credit for volunteering through enrollment in classes offered by the department. Check with the academic advisor for the journal you are interested in.

Student Journals



Contact Information for Student Editor

Meeting Time

& Place*

Academic Advisor

Americana (American Studies) TBA 4095 JFSB Brian Roberts, 422-1376
Aperture (film)
Aporia (Philosophy) noon, Friday, 4035 JKB David Jensen, 422-3780
 AWE (Women’s Studies) 6:00 pm, Wednesday, 3002 JFSB
Chiasm (Neuroscience) TBA 1043 SWKT  Scott Steffensen, 422-9499
Criterion (literary criticism) 6:30 pm, Wednesday, 4186/4188 JFSB Mike Taylor
Entremundos Luso and Hispanic languages & cultures 4:30 pm, Wednesday, 4035 JKB Mac Wison
Inscape (creative writing) 5:00 pm, Thursday,

John Bennion
Intuition: The BYU Undergraduate Journal in Psychology 3:00 pm, Wednesday, 1043 SWKT Hal Miller, 422-8939
Leading Edge (science fiction & fantasy) 7:30 pm, Tuesday & Thursday, 4035 JKB Alan Manning, 422-2974
Lingua Romana (French, Italian & Romanian)   TBA, online journal Scott Sprenger, 422-2770
Marriott Student Review   Enroll in MSB 490R Marianna Richardson
Political Review 7:15 pm, Thursday, 238 Kennedy Center Chris Karpowitz, 422-2788
Praemon (US national security)   Landes Holbrook, 422-4302
Pre-Law Review 2:00 pm, TTh (class) Kris Tina Carlston, 422-5715
Rice Papers (Asian Studies) 4:30–5:30 pm, Tuesday, 3101 JFSB Eric Hyer, 422-4699
SCHWA (Linguistics) 6:00 pm, Tuesday, 4035 JKB Dirk Elzinga, 422-2117
Sigma (Political Sci. & Intern. Relations)  Contact directly to get involved Scott Cooper, 422- 4053
Stance: Studies on the Family 6:00 pm, Monday, 4035 JKB Barbara Morgan, 422-3197
Studia Antiqua (Classical studies) (meets in JSB) Dana Pike, 422-2238
Thetean (History) TBA Alisa Kesler-Lund, 422-6851