High Impact Graduate Research Award (HIGRA)

Graduate Studies (in collaboration with the Graduate Council), has revised the High Impact Doctoral Research Award (HIDRA) and replaced it with the High Impact Graduate Research Award (HIGRA).

The High Impact Graduate Research Award (HIGRA) program, sponsored by the Graduate Studies department in collaboration and consultation with Graduate Council members (comprised of Associate Deans from all colleges), is designed to assist graduate programs in recruiting high caliber graduate students who have the potential of producing outstanding scholarly research that will significantly impact their respective disciplines.

To apply, candidates must first submit their BYU graduate application online along with their ecclesiastical endorsement and honor code commitment and then submit the completed HIGRA Application form to their BYU graduate program of interest.  Current matriculated Master’s or Doctoral students already enrolled at BYU are precluded from applying.  Questions may be routed to the Executive Assistant to the Dean of Graduate Studies at marilee.allred@byu.edu.

Number of Annual Awards

4 Doctoral awards

3 Master’s awards

Award Amounts and Term

Doctoral recipients receive $30,000 per year for a term of up to three years ($15,000 awarded per semester)

Master’s recipients receive $15,000 per year for a term of up to two years ($7,500 awarded per semester)

Note: HIGRA funds are prorated on a two-semester basis (fall and winter) and are awarded to successful HIGRA recipients for the stated term contingent on recipients continuing to maintain the conditions as set forth below.  

HIGRA Application Period (January 1-February 5, 2021)

Awards will be given on a rolling basis; applicants are encouraged to apply early

For More Information About the Application and Selection Process:

HIGRA Requirements & Instructions: https://gradstudies.byu.edu/page/high-impact-graduate-research-award-higra

HIGRA Application form: https://gradstudies.byu.edu/file/ogs-form-9

HIGRA Application Workflow

1.      Student candidate applies for graduate program of choice (already matriculated students are ineligible)

a.       Note: Candidates whose ecclesiastical endorsement and honor code commitment have not yet been received cannot be considered for final selection

2.      Candidate fills out part 1 of HIGRA form and compiles supplemental materials

3.      Candidate sends HIGRA form and supplemental materials to Graduate Program Manager or sponsoring faculty member in their program of choice

4.      GPM routes HIGRA form to faculty for sponsorship (if needed)

5.      Sponsoring faculty member completes part 2 of HIGRA form, compiles supplemental materials, and submits complete application to the associate dean in their college over graduate programs for final vetting

a.       Application deadline: February 5

b.      E-mail applications to lesleetm@byu.edu

c.       Dean Miller and the associate deans will review the applications and select the top two applicants to forward to the university level

6.      Associate Dean sends vetted applications to MariLee Allred, Assistant to the Dean of Graduate Studies (marilee.allred@byu.edu)

a.       Note: Colleges are limited to submitting 2 master’s and 2 doctoral candidates for consideration each year

7.      Assistant to the Dean of Graduate Studies routes applications to HIGRA Selection Committee (comprised of associate deans serving on Graduate Council) for final selections; HIGRA Selection Committee will tentatively begin selecting awardees Jan 15, Feb 16, Mar 15 and Apr 15, or until all seven awards have been awarded

8.      Dean of Graduate Studies will notify award winners

For questions or comments about the HIGRA:

Contact MariLee Allred, Assistant to the Dean of Graduate Studies, marilee.allred@byu.edu