Tailoring a Business Communications Curriculum for Non-Native English Speakers

This study evaluated the challenges and needs of non-native English speakers (NNES) in the undergraduate management communication (MCOM) course at Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah. MCOM faculty and NNES enrolled in MCOM in the last five years were surveyed and interviewed. Data results were used to identify areas within the curriculum where NNES would benefit from additional or modified instruction. A tailored version of the MCOM curriculum was created and taught to an international student section of MCOM for two semesters. Positive feedback from students in the course led to the NNES course being offered indefinitely. Curricular changes and recommendations are discussed following the evaluation results of the two development iterations. Key words: business communications, curriculum, non-native English speakers, undergraduate

Thesis Author: Susie McGann

Year Completed: 2018

Thesis Chair: Norman W. Evans